Anglo Russian Theatre of Victor Sobchak

Англо - Русский Театр Виктор Собчака

ART-VIC был основан Виктором Собчаком в 1996 году в Лондоне, как продолжение “Экспериментального Театра Виктора Собчака” (СССР 1987 - 1992)

Вместе с дочерними компаниями Actprovocateur Int и Theatre Collection за это время было поставлено более 300 спектаклей, которые были показаны в Великобритании, Европе, Африке и США, театры приняли участие в более 40 международных фестивалях, включая 12 выступлений на Эдинбургском Фриндже.

“Виктор Собчак: режиссер-машина” (Time Out”)

ART-VIC was founded in 1996 as a sequel of “Victor Sobchak’s Experimental Theatre” (USSR 1987-1992) Since then Victor’s companies Actprovocateur Int. and Theatre Collection produced over 300 shows (from classic to new writings), were touring around Europe, Africa and USA. Victor’s theatre companies took part in over 40 International Festivals in many countries, including 12 times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“Victor Sobchak - directing machine” (Time Out)

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A tribute for 160 Chekhov birth. Our great International cast will perform ALL Chekhov's plays in one night! Sad and funny, witty and ridiculous - it's all about us.


Theatro Technis - 26 Crowndale Rd, London NW1 1TT

FEBRUARY 17-19, 22-23

The Baron’s Court Theatre - 28a Comeragh Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 9HR

By JP Sartre

"Hell is other people"... three people are trapped in Hell — which is a single room — and ultimately, while confessing their sins to one another, end up falling into a bizarre love triangle.


The Baron’s Court Theatre - 28a Comeragh Rd, London W14 9HR